How to Volunteer


There are many ways to contribute your time and talents to the goal of electing Democrats to office.

A good place to start is with either your local township Democratic Organization or with a campaign for a specific Democratic candidate.
A list of township Democratic organizations is on a page under this heading, “Get Involved”. You can contact the Democratic Township Chair, and he/she will be thrilled to hear from you. He/she will likely invite you to attend a meeting of their organization. At this meeting you can meet fellow Democratic volunteers.
You can also contact a specific campaign and ask how you can help. See the heading for current Democratic candidates with links to their campaigns.

Here are just some of the ways to volunteer :

  • Become a Democratic Precinct Committeeman. Information about this is on a page under this heading “Get Involved”.
  • Assist your Democratic Precinct Committeeman as a block captain.
  • Make phone calls at a phone bank. Your township chair or campaign leader can give you information about this.
  • Canvass voters door to door for a campaign. The campaign provides the list of doors and a script for what you say at the door.
  • Offer your home as a location for a phone bank. You provide the snacks and drinks. Volunteers bring their cell phones. Your township chair or campaign leader brings the lists and scripts.
  • Help organize or work at a fundraiser.
  • Hold a coffee for a candidate in your home.
  • Walk in a local parade with fellow Democrats for a township organization or a campaign.
  • Help at a Democratic booth at a local festival or at the county fair.
  • Become a voter registrar. Your township chair can help you get appointed as a voter registrar, and help you organize a voter registration drive in your neighborhood.
  • Help prepare mailings or help stuff bags with literature. Gathering around a table with fellow Democrats and chatting while you stuff literature into envelopes or bags can be fun.
  • Help deliver signs for Democratic candidates.
  • Serve as a poll watcher on Election Day. Your township chair or campaign leader can give you information about this.
  • Serve as a Democratic Election Judge.¬† See information under this “Get Involved” heading.